Supply Chain Manager Employment Opportunity – Q-Sourcing Servtec

By | November 19, 2018

Supply Chain Manager Employment Opportunity – Q-Sourcing Servtec

Job Title:              Supply Chain Manager

Organization: Q-Sourcing Servtec

Duty Station:  Kampala, Uganda

About US:

Q-Sourcing Servtec. is a manpower management solutions firm operating in the East African Region in the countries of Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and South Sudan.

Key Duties and Responsibilities: 

People Management                                                       

  • Performance Management
  • Every employee within the division is required to have KPA’s and KPI’s, which have to be clearly communicated and formally accepted by the employee.
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Performance appraisals are to be conducted every quarter, in compliance with the Company’s performance policy.
  • Employee Development
  • Training and Development requirements for employees to be established when conducting Performance Appraisals.
  • Retention
  • Identify and retain top talent within your department, through recognition, reward and good management.

Logistic Management

  • Determine Logistical Risk
  • Confirm Import/export documentation
  • Prepare All relevant documentation
  • Prepare shipping Schedules
  • Tracking and tracing of goods shipped.

Stock Control

  • Supervision and execution of receiving function
  • Supervision and executing of storage of material.
  • Maintain and administering of administrative and warehouse control systems
  • Supervise all inspections that need to be undertaken by any party as required.
  • Planning and supervising of all activities pertaining to shipment of goods including packing, crating and loading.
  • Ensure that all relevant documentation pertaining to shipment of goods is properly collated and dispatched with goods


  • Get 3 quotations if no preferred supplier is specified
  • Negotiating payment terms and best price
  • Authorizing and placement of order
  • Expediting of delivery date.
  • Submit all documents for payment

Fleet Management

  • Ensure that visual inspections are done on all VC vehicles
  • Ensure that all vehicles are maintained as prescribed in vehicle manual.
  • Fuel usage must be monitored on an ongoing basis.

Operational Planning

  • Assist in planning of delivery schedule of material
  • Assist in planning of tools and equipment to be used in project.
  • Assist in cash flow needed for the upkeep of tools and equipment for current and upcoming projects.

Internal Processes

  • Ensuring of up keeping of all Eaton Towers policies and procedures.
  • Submitting of all reports as and when required

Key Performance Indicators

  • All Vehicles must be inspected visually on a monthly basis and the vehicle inspection report must be filled in and signed of by Driver as well as fleet manager. These documents must be submitted to HR Manager and Finance Director and any discrepancies noted.
  • All vehicles must be serviced and maintained as prescribed in vehicle manual. All maintenance cost must be recorded and submitted at moth end to Line manager with upcoming maintenance that may influence budget.
  • Fuel Consumption per vehicle must be calculated and monitored. A summary report must be compiled that shows fuel usage and submitted for all vehicles at moth end to line manager.
  • A copy of all Eaton Towers policies and procedures must be available at all times. At month end report any discrepancies must be noted and brought under the attention of the line manager.
  • A general report must be submitted at month end with all warehouse related issues such as monthly stock take, stock movement, logistical status of material, safety issues, and any circumstances that might have an impact on the warehouse that might influence the warehouse directly or indirectly
  • Completed KPA’s and KPIs’ for all direct reports by Mid-February of each year
  • Performance appraisals to be conducted every quarter, aligned with the financial year, and signed off by the employee.
  • A training plan to be completed for each employee by Mid-February of each year.
  • Map all employees on the performance/job fit matrix and supply to Finance Director on a bi-annual basis (after performance appraisals) with a report detailing measures to improve employee dissatisfaction.
  • Pre Plan Safes and easiest route to delivery point
  • Ensure that all relevant import and export are in order, submitted and confirmed.
  • All shipping documents must be prepared prior to shipment. Documents like waybill, packing list and commercials invoices.
  • All shipping must be prescheduled and final ETA must be given to receiver.
  • Proper tracking of all materials must be done and given routinely to project manager.
  • Actual receiving of stock and comparing to BOM and or P/O signing of off all relevant documents.
  • Actual binning of material as prescribed in work procedure with all relevant info on material clearly marked.
  • Insuring proper data capering and filling of all warehouse related documentation.
  • If any material warrants, inspection assist inspector and endorse delivery note and or waybill for any future reference.
  • This will include drafting of picking slips, ordering of crating and do proper packing of all materials to be shipped out to site as per BOM. also the completing of the delivery note with all relevant info as set out in work procedure including safe loading and despatching off material
  • All material that leaves the warehouse must be accompanied with 2 delivery notes with transporters and end destinations details on it.
  • If Items are not from preferred supplier 3 quotations must be handed in to line manager for approval
  • Must be able to negotiate for better prices and payment terms. Terms and payment method must be noted on P/O
  • All orders must be signed of by line manager
  • Constant expediting must be done to ensure that delivery date does not delay any projects
  • All signed Pod’s must be submitted to finance department for payment.
  • Highlight any means that may speed up or have a negative impact on delivery to site.
  • A tool register must be kept and submitted to the line manager on beginning of project.
  • A detailed service schedule must be submitted as to keep tools in a good working condition. And tools that need to be calibrated must registered.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 

  • The applicant must hold a Professional qualification in Purchasing and Supply
  • At least five years of warehousing/ Stores and logistics at a supervisor level. Experiences in a similar technical environment to Eaton Towers
  • Knowledge of technical equipment and related industry equipment plus knowledge of warehousing, logistics and procurement will be an advantage. Add to this must be able to communicate in, in country language.
  • Good people skills, hardworking, self-starter, and an eye for detail. Must be self-motivated with a go-getter attitude. Must be able to work under pressure. And must have basic Microsoft Office skills

How to Apply:

All Suitably qualified and interested candidates should send their updated CVs via e-mail to

Note: Kindly mark your application as “Application _ Supply Chain Manager “In the subject line of your email. The interested candidates should submit their application and CV with certified academic qualifications.

Deadline: 20th November 2018

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