Nile University Uganda Grading System

Nile University Uganda Grading System

The Bachelor’s degree is awarded after taking into account the results of all the courses in all the years and comprises the following components: Year I courses:​1/6 Year II courses: ​2/6 Year III courses:​3/6
The Bachelor’s degree shall be classified as follows: ​

ClassAverage total for all years
First Class with Honours4.5 – 5.0
Second Class with Honours (Upper)3.5 – 4.4
Second Class with Honours (Lower)2.5 – 3.4
Pass 2.4



80 – 100A5.0
75 – 79.9B+4.5
70 – 74.9B4.5
65 – 69.9B-4.0
60 – 64.9C+3.5
55 – 59.9C3.0
50 – 54.9C-2.5
45 – 49.9D+2.0
40 – 44.9D1.5
35 – 39.9D-0.5
Below 35E00

A student who is required to repeat the third year of study shall NOT be eligible for the award of a degree with honours

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