Nile University Uganda Fees Structure

Nile University Uganda Fees Structure

Payment of University Dues

Students are required to pay all university dues to the Bursar’s office only. Fees for each semester are payable according to the University Registration Policy. Cash payments are not accepted and must be banked on one of the following University Bank Accounts at Centenary Rural Development Bank Ltd.
Bank Account details:
Centenary Rural Development Bank Ltd Account No: 2020013214
DFCU Bank Account No: 01L5175171900

Title of Account: Nile University

Banking paying in slips to this account are obtainable from the Cashier in the Bursar’s office. Students are advised to use only the official University paying in slips while banking to this account.
Cheque payments: Personal cheques are not acceptable
Bank drafts: Only Bankers Cheques prepared in the names of Nile University Campus of Uganda Martyrs University are acceptable.
The student is required to brink a copy of the Banking pay-in-slip to the cashier, who will issue a receipt for the total amount banked. Students are cautioned not to alter the amounts on the slips as this is a criminal matter and if discovered leads one to serious disciplinary action by the University administration.

Students’ Financial Records

The Bursar’s Office is readily available to give each student details of financial standing with regards to payment of University Campus dues. However students are advised to keep copies of all receipts issued by the cashier and Bank pay-in-slips.
Financial obligations of the Student:
A Student must demonstrate that he or she has sufficient resources to meet his or her financial needs in order to qualify for a study in Nile University. No student shall be allowed to study, sit Course works, assignments, tests, final exams and graduate in Nile University if he or she has not fulfilled his or her financial obligations to 100%. A student who has a school fees balance may be helped to sit his or her exams and graduate but shall pay a surcharge of 20% on top of the fees balance he or she has. Should a student fail to pay his or her school fees balance and therefore fail to collect his or her Certificate and transcript from the University the surcharge levied on him or her shall be accruing Monthly by 20%. These figures shall be determined by the Senate or Council or management from time to time.
A student is expected to pass all his or her exams. A student who fails his or her exams and is to sit supplementary exams shall pay U.Shs. 50,000/= per paper sat. Any student who applies to sit Special Exams shall pay U.Shs. 50,000/= per paper sat. Students handing in their dissertation after the official deadline will pay a fine of Uganda Shillings 500,000/= (five hundred thousand Shillings Only) if a Master’s Degree student; If Bachelor’s Degree he or she will pay a fine of 350,000/= (three hundred fifty thousand shillings Only); if a Diploma student, for his or her proposal he or she will pay a fine of 200,000/= (two hundred thousand shillings only); and failure to submit ones internship, Outreach and field research report on the deadline fixed will a fine of Uganda Shillings 100,000/= (One hundred thousand Shillings Only).

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