2017 – 2018 Kyambogo University KYU Academic Calendar

By | September 5, 2017

2017 – 2018 Kyambogo University KYU Academic Calendar

Office of the Academic Registrar

                                             Date:    27th July, 2017



SEMESTER I  2017/2018


Saturday 5th  August 2017Fresher’s Report to Respective Halls of Residence/Hostels
Monday 7th – 13th    August 2017Orientation Week for Fresher’s  (7 days)
Monday 31st July – Sunday 13th August 2017Administration of DES Examinations  2016/2017
Saturday 12th August 2017Continuing Students Report
5Sunday 13th – 24th August  2017World University games – Taipei, China
Monday 14th   August, 2017Lectures for Freshers and Continuing Students begin
Monday 14th   –  Wednesday 30th  August, 2017Registration of Fresh Students
Monday 14th  – 18th August  2017Faculty/School Board to discuss Semester II Examinations Results 2016/2017.
Friday 25th August 2017Provisional Results from Faculties/Schools 2016/2017 are released
Monday 4th September – 8th September 2017Senate Humanities Committee to consider Semester  II 2016/2017 Examination  Results
Monday 04th September – Friday 13th  November 2017Inter-halls Sports Competitions   2017
Monday 11th   – Friday 15th September 2017Senate Science Committee to consider Semester  II 2016/2017 Examination Results
Monday11th   –  Saturday 16th  September, 2017Administration of DSNEE Examinations  2016/2017
Friday  22nd  September 201717th Admissions Ceremony/Fresher’s Ball
Monday 25th Sept. – Friday 27th October  201761st   Senate Meetings (to consider Examination  Results of Semester II 2016/2017)
Friday 10th  November 2017Briefing of Deans/Head of Departments/Monitors for Semester I 2017/2018 by the Academic Registrar
Monday 13th November  – Sunday 3rd December 2017Administration of Semester I 2017/2018 Examinations

 ( 3 weeks)

Monday 13th – Saturday 18th November 2017Practical Examinations
Monday 20th  – Tuesday 28th   November 2017Administration of Grade III Examinations 2017 in PTCs
Wednesday 29th   November  – Wednesday 6thDecember  2017Administration of Grade III Examinations 2017 in PTCs
Monday 4th December – 18th  December 2017Marking of Semester I Examinations
Monday 11th December – Friday 16th December 2017DITTE Examinations 2017/2018 Semester I
Monday 4th December – 5th  January  2018Students Semester I 2017/2018  Break
Monday 13th Dec. – Saturday 23rd  December, 2017Early Childhood Development  ECD Examinations 2017
13th, 14th and 15th December 201714th Graduation Ceremony
Saturday 16th – Saturday 23rd  December 2017Association of Uganda University Sports games – Ndejje University
Thursday 21st  December 2017End of Year Staff Party 2017
Friday 22nd  December 2017 – Tuesday  2nd   January 2018Staff Christmas Break
  1. Peter Okello_____________________________

SEMESTER  II 2017/2018


Saturday 6th January 2018All Students Report
Monday 8th  January, 2018 – 21st d January, 2018Registration – Semester II 2017/2018 (At Faculties & Schools)
Monday 8th January, 2018Lectures begin for all Students
Monday 19th – 31st  January, 2018DEP/DEPE Examinations
Monday 5th February  – 16th   February, 2018Departmental meetings to discuss Semester I 2017/2018 Examination Results
February – March 2018Inter-halls Sports Competitions – Phase II (2 weeks)
Friday 23rd  February, 2018Release of Preliminary Semester I 2017/2018 Examination Results from Departments.
Wednesday 7th  March – Wednesday 11th March, 2018Faculty/School Board meetings to discuss Semester I 2017/2018 Examination Results
Friday 16th March, 2018Provisional Results Semester I 2017/2018  Examinations are released from Faculties/Schools
Monday 2nd  April – Friday 13th April,  2018Senate Humanities Committee to discuss Semester I 2017/2018 Examination Results
Monday 2nd April – Friday 13th April,  2018Senate Science Committee to discuss Semester I 2017/2018 Examination Results
Monday 23rd   April – Friday 27th  April 201862nd  Senate Meetings
Thursday 12th April  – Friday 13th April,  2018Briefing of Invigilators/Monitors for Semester II 2017/2018 by Heads of Department
Monday 8th  – 19th May 2018DECD Semester I Examination 2017/2018
Monday 8th – 19th May, 2018DITTE Examinations  2017/2018 Semester II
Tuesday 18th  April – 11th M ay 2018Administration of Semester II Examinations 2017/2018
Sunday 6th  May, 2018End of Semester II 2017/2018
Monday 7th  May – Friday 20th  May, 2018Central Marking Semester II 2017/2018 Examinations

( 2 weeks)

Monday 21st  May – Friday 1st  July, 2018School/College School Practice (8 weeks)

Supervision  (4 weeks)

Monday 21st    May – Friday 29th  July, 2018Industrial Trainning/Practicum/Field work (10 weeks)

Supervision  (4 weeks)

Monday 31st July – 12th August, 2018DES Examinations
Monday 07th August 2018Semester I 2018/2019 begins
Monday 29th August –  Friday 2nd September 2018External Examinations for Theory Papers
Monday 05th September – Friday 09th  September,  2018Departmental meetings to discuss Semester II 2017/2018 Examination Results
Monday 12th September – Friday16th September,  2018Release of Preliminary Results Semester II 2017/2018at Departmental level
Monday 19th September – Friday 23rd September  2018Faculties/School to discuss Examination Results 2017/2018
Monday 26th September – Friday 30th September, 2018Release of Semester II Provisional Results

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