2016 – 2017 Kyambogo University Cut Off Points

By | August 26, 2017

2016 – 2017 Kyambogo University Cut Off Points


Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and Building Eng.KYUECD51.2
Bachelor of Eng. in Mech. and Manufacturing Eng.KYUEMD49.2
Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunication Eng.KYUETD49.1
Bachelor of Guidance and CounsellingKYUBGD48.9
Bachelor of Science in Sports and Leisure ManagementKYULMD48.5
Bachelor of Engineering in Automotive & Power Eng.KYUAPD47.7
Bachelor of Sci. in Surveying and Land Information SystemsKYUSLD47.7
Bachelor of Science in Chemical EngineeringKYUCHD47.6
Bachelor of Economics and StatisticsKYUBEK47.4
Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and ManagementKYUIED47.3
Bachelor of Engineering in Environmental EngineeringKYUEED46.7
Bachelor of Science in Land EconomicsKYUBLD46.3
Bachelor of Science in Building EconomicsKYUEBD46.3
Bachelor of Science in Accounting and FinanceKYUAFD45.9
Bachelor of Environment Science Technology & MgtKYUBMD45.7
Bachelor of Information Technology and ComputingKYUITD45.7
Bachelor of Business studiesKYUSBD45.6
Bachelor of Arts in EconomicsKYUEKD45.4
Bachelor of Micro FinanceKYUMFD45.1
Bachelor of Science in Textile and Clothing TechnologyKYUTCD45.1
Bachelor of Science with Education (Economics)KYUESE44.6
Bachelor of Demography and Reproductive HealthKYUBRD44.3
Bachelor of Science with Education (Physical)KYUESP44.1
Bachelor of Administrative and Secretarial ScienceKYUASD43.9
Bachelor of Science in Food Processing TechnologyKYUFPD43.9
Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and DieteticsKYUHND43.9
Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics ManagementKYUPLD43.8
Bachelor of Voc. Studies in Technological Studies with Educ.KYUVTD42.4
Bachelor of Art and Industrial DesignKYUAID42
Bachelor of Business Studies with EducationKYUBSD40.6
Bachelor of Vocational Studies in Arts and Design with Educ.KYUVAD39.7
Bachelor of Science Technology (Physics)KYUPTD39.6
Bachelor of Educ. in Vocational Studies (Home Economics)KYUVHD38.5
Bachelor of Science Technology(Biology)KYUBTD36.3
Bachelor of Science Technology (Chemistry)KYUCTD36.2
Bachelor of Vocational Studies in Agriculture with EducationKYUAGD35
Bachelor of Science with EducationKYUESB34.9


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